to start with

to start with
: at the beginning

standing cans in brine will not stop souring for several hours if the milk is warm to start withFarmer's Weekly (South Africa)

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at the beginning of a series of events or period of time

she wasn't very keen on the idea to start with

as the first thing to be taken into account

to start with, I was feeling down

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to start with
— used to introduce a statement that is the first in a series of statements

“I don't think we should buy the car.” “Why not?” “To start with, I'm not sure we can afford it.”

2 : at the beginning : before the current time or situation

She has lost a lot of weight, and she wasn't very heavy to start with.

He didn't like his job to start with [=at first, initially], but he got used to it eventually.

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